20 Quotes that will change your life

  1. Forgive someone today.
  2. Each moment is a blessing, accept it graciously.
  3. Love is a potion which cures the hate in your heart.
  4. Consciousness is a gift to mankind.
  5. The tongue is only a witness to the environment of your mind.
  6. Think properly, it is the only thing needed to change your life.
  7. Friends are the missing pieces of your puzzles.
  8. Live like you’ve nothing to loose.
  9. Save the memories which make you happy, shift+del the ones that you don’t need.
  10. Tune your brain to all channels of success.
  11. Wear confidence, not branded clothes.
  12. Keep your stomach empty for a day-Then think about the beggar that you ignored yesterday.
  13. Religion is only a tool to become more spiritual.
  14. Curb the urge to curse.
  15. A beard and a cap won’t make you a Muslim, manners will…
  16. A well mannered poor is better than a rich brat.
  17. It is possible to do the impossible.
  18. Now and then, talk to yourself as well.
  19. Zoom in areas of happiness, zoom out areas of sadness in your life.
  20. Implant new belief systems for better results.


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