Opportunities are everywhere

Yes! They are, so your last excuse of not finding your GOLDEN opportunity goes down the drain.  Let me clear one thing for you my friend, there is no such thing as a golden opportunity. Have you ever seen a cheetah hunt down a deer in the jungle? Waiting for the right time, waiting patiently and then making the final move after countless moments of focus and patience.

As the cheetah accelerates to its top speed, the anticipation of other animals rises. Within a few moments of energetic acrobats by the deer, it is caught ferociously by the hungry hunter. But before all this, if you observe closely, the cheetah sits in high grass to avoid being seen. During this time, the super-fast feline chooses its prey.

Have you ever wondered about the ratio of deer and cheetah in the jungle? If you haven’t then let me inform you, deer easily outnumber their fierce opponents. At a time, a cheetah easily has the option of choosing multiple targets within their range. For them, the food is everywhere around them, walking and jumping, eating grass…so close to their reach that they could easily pick up the taste of fresh blood in the air- the only thing to do, chase one deer and don’t leave it till you lay your hands on it!

There are times when the Deer escapes the clutches of death and steers ahead of its speedy opponent. Same happens to us as well. We go after an opportunity with our heart and soul but the results don’t turn out so well. Failure doesn’t dampen the carnivore’s spirit. There is no other choice, to stay alive you will have to give it your best shot or you’re gone for good.

So it gathers it’s energy for one more attack. Choosing its opponent once more…so as the heart starts to pound and the laser sharp focus is adjusted, the cheetah dives in for another adventure.

There are thousands of adventures waiting for you. Finalize your goal and pursue it fearlessly. Let the people around you know what exactly are you made of! Quit crying like a baby waiting for opportunities. Instead, create your own starting right now!



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