3 ways you can turn the hate around you in love

It’s so unfortunate that instead of love we have hate all around us. People carrying big nose egos and pride hurting others as they go through their daily lives. Some situations can’t be dealt with so here are some techniques I have developed recently to tackle negative environments.

  1. Take the hit and transmute the negative into positive: If you’ve seen the hilarious Shaolin soccer then you probably know what I’m talking about. In the last scene when the villain hits an incredibly dangerous shoot towards the newly substituted goalie, she delicately catches the ball turns it and controls it on her finger. Then, she strikes the football with all her force giving birth to a mini-tornado. Similarly, you can use the negative energy and transmute it into positive energy by exercising your will. It will take dedicated effort and practice to learn this coveted skill. Learn to respond instead of reacting and you will win every time people would want you to react negatively. It makes you still and people start changing around you.
  2. Be the best person you know: We always have one person or character in our minds whom we admire the most. Our brain is a goal seeking mechanism and creates new circuitry really fast. Start to emulate some of the great things you’d like to imbibe in your attitude. Most importantly, the quality to maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what happens. When you roll like that, no one will try to give you any kind of hate. Instead, people will get interested in how you’re able to pull off this attitude.
  3. Make some enemies: Individuals swinging on all sides are always looked upon as people pleasers. Such people are hated wherever they go and really can’t relate themselves to any specific group. When you have enemies then without a shadow’s doubt you might be having friends as well. Being in the company of your friends is certainly the best thing in the whole world. Love, compassion and laughter will always surround you and make you forget of the hate in the world. I’m not prompting you to purposely make enemies but you should know which side you’re on.

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