Stop eating a buffet like a reckless person

Engrossed in the desire to tickle our taste buds, we attack the buffet. Some people fill their plates to such an extent that the identity of dishes dissolves in the plate and disappear. This happens mostly in Indian marriages.

One cannot distinguish the taste of any particular dish. Because of the greed to eat more, we miss the best part of the buffet; savoring multiple dishes. I recall my teenage years when I and my friends thought that leaving out any particular dish at a party was a crime. We used to fill our plates and after we were finished piling up, people shockingly witnessed mini-mountains resting on our plates.

The mixture of spices from all the cuisines would give a yucky flavor. But we didn’t mind, we just wanted to eat everything before the food finishes. Now, it’s a different story. I try one thing at a time to relish the uniqueness of numerous delicacies. The flavors sink in very well and its easy on the stomach as well.

I’m not here to teach you eating habits, what I really want to teach you is to stay dedicated to one task at a time. The mind is capable of handling only one thing at a time. Think of your mind like a plate, just pour on it one task at a time so that it is easy to handle it.

It’s so much better when there is  only one thing on our mind. Multiple tasks drain our energy and decrease our productivity. To complete a task and put in our best, it is required that we be present in the moment. If we are constantly thinking about the next thing to eat, how will we be able to enjoy our present meal?

This idea is worth millions of dollars. Begin right now, organize your tasks and do them one by one. You will start to enjoy your tasks and your productivity will double in no time. It’s a proven method to raise the stakes in your career.


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