20 Quotes that will change your life

  1. Forgive someone today.
  2. Each moment is a blessing, accept it graciously.
  3. Love is a potion which cures the hate in your heart.
  4. Consciousness is a gift to mankind.
  5. The tongue is only a witness to the environment of your mind.
  6. Think properly, it is the only thing needed to change your life.
  7. Friends are the missing pieces of your puzzles.
  8. Live like you’ve nothing to loose.
  9. Save the memories which make you happy, shift+del the ones that you don’t need.
  10. Tune your brain to all channels of success.
  11. Wear confidence, not branded clothes.
  12. Keep your stomach empty for a day-Then think about the beggar that you ignored yesterday.
  13. Religion is only a tool to become more spiritual.
  14. Curb the urge to curse.
  15. A beard and a cap won’t make you a Muslim, manners will…
  16. A well mannered poor is better than a rich brat.
  17. It is possible to do the impossible.
  18. Now and then, talk to yourself as well.
  19. Zoom in areas of happiness, zoom out areas of sadness in your life.
  20. Implant new belief systems for better results.

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Opportunities are everywhere

Yes! They are, so your last excuse of not finding your GOLDEN opportunity goes down the drain.  Let me clear one thing for you my friend, there is no such thing as a golden opportunity. Have you ever seen a cheetah hunt down a deer in the jungle? Waiting for the right time, waiting patiently and then making the final move after countless moments of focus and patience.

As the cheetah accelerates to its top speed, the anticipation of other animals rises. Within a few moments of energetic acrobats by the deer, it is caught ferociously by the hungry hunter. But before all this, if you observe closely, the cheetah sits in high grass to avoid being seen. During this time, the super-fast feline chooses its prey.

Have you ever wondered about the ratio of deer and cheetah in the jungle? If you haven’t then let me inform you, deer easily outnumber their fierce opponents. At a time, a cheetah easily has the option of choosing multiple targets within their range. For them, the food is everywhere around them, walking and jumping, eating grass…so close to their reach that they could easily pick up the taste of fresh blood in the air- the only thing to do, chase one deer and don’t leave it till you lay your hands on it!

There are times when the Deer escapes the clutches of death and steers ahead of its speedy opponent. Same happens to us as well. We go after an opportunity with our heart and soul but the results don’t turn out so well. Failure doesn’t dampen the carnivore’s spirit. There is no other choice, to stay alive you will have to give it your best shot or you’re gone for good.

So it gathers it’s energy for one more attack. Choosing its opponent once more…so as the heart starts to pound and the laser sharp focus is adjusted, the cheetah dives in for another adventure.

There are thousands of adventures waiting for you. Finalize your goal and pursue it fearlessly. Let the people around you know what exactly are you made of! Quit crying like a baby waiting for opportunities. Instead, create your own starting right now!


All roads lead to Mindvalley Malaysia

Once there occurs an eruption of feelings, good ones, you literally become unstoppable. I got inspiration to work at Mindvalley Malaysia on my way back home from work. The activity that occurred in my mind and body is beyond description.

There is a built-in mechanism functioning in us that serves the purpose of a dam. Unlike any other dam, this one works to hold off all our creative powers. It doesn’t release all those Godly feelings till the time we don’t come across something very terrible in life.

Look around you, all great artists, musicians, speakers- countless great people have had something tragic happen to them. I too have had my share of misfortunes but my dam always kept opening and closing. After I and my ex-broke up, I absorbed the shock, didn’t let it out and maybe that was the worst mistake.

My subconscious got filled with low-vibration emotions like guilt, fear and hate. There was no impact of any positive emotions whatsoever. The harder I tried, the more hurtful was the fall.

But I took charge and thought to get out of the blues once and for all.  The Universe heard me and supported in my decision to cross the swamp of negativity in which I was stuck badly.

It’s hard to explain how the shift happens but once it does, you start to see everything with a different perception. According to me, perception can cause you both failure and success. Re-modelling of beliefs and patterns certainly take a lot of time but once the shift occurs, nothing will be the same.

Since the day I got the hunch to join Mindvalley, every decision is automatically being made in favor to move towards my goal. The secret goal card method is a potent formula to make things easier for me. Think and Grow Rich has been a game changer for ages and the same goes for me.

Some time back, I was alien to the idea of taking risks but look at me now. I have put all on the line to get to a place called Mindvalley in Malaysia. I could’ve easily got a good job in a leading digital marketing agency in Delhi but no! I am hungry for more, I can’t play my life so comfortable and easy. This is my calling, and the day you get yours, I guarantee, you will put everything on the line to achieve it. Do you know why? Cause you would’ve already believed that you have it, you would just need to tune yourself to your goal and you will have it your presence.



3 ways you can turn the hate around you in love

It’s so unfortunate that instead of love we have hate all around us. People carrying big nose egos and pride hurting others as they go through their daily lives. Some situations can’t be dealt with so here are some techniques I have developed recently to tackle negative environments.

  1. Take the hit and transmute the negative into positive: If you’ve seen the hilarious Shaolin soccer then you probably know what I’m talking about. In the last scene when the villain hits an incredibly dangerous shoot towards the newly substituted goalie, she delicately catches the ball turns it and controls it on her finger. Then, she strikes the football with all her force giving birth to a mini-tornado. Similarly, you can use the negative energy and transmute it into positive energy by exercising your will. It will take dedicated effort and practice to learn this coveted skill. Learn to respond instead of reacting and you will win every time people would want you to react negatively. It makes you still and people start changing around you.
  2. Be the best person you know: We always have one person or character in our minds whom we admire the most. Our brain is a goal seeking mechanism and creates new circuitry really fast. Start to emulate some of the great things you’d like to imbibe in your attitude. Most importantly, the quality to maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what happens. When you roll like that, no one will try to give you any kind of hate. Instead, people will get interested in how you’re able to pull off this attitude.
  3. Make some enemies: Individuals swinging on all sides are always looked upon as people pleasers. Such people are hated wherever they go and really can’t relate themselves to any specific group. When you have enemies then without a shadow’s doubt you might be having friends as well. Being in the company of your friends is certainly the best thing in the whole world. Love, compassion and laughter will always surround you and make you forget of the hate in the world. I’m not prompting you to purposely make enemies but you should know which side you’re on.

Stop eating a buffet like a reckless person

Engrossed in the desire to tickle our taste buds, we attack the buffet. Some people fill their plates to such an extent that the identity of dishes dissolves in the plate and disappear. This happens mostly in Indian marriages.

One cannot distinguish the taste of any particular dish. Because of the greed to eat more, we miss the best part of the buffet; savoring multiple dishes. I recall my teenage years when I and my friends thought that leaving out any particular dish at a party was a crime. We used to fill our plates and after we were finished piling up, people shockingly witnessed mini-mountains resting on our plates.

The mixture of spices from all the cuisines would give a yucky flavor. But we didn’t mind, we just wanted to eat everything before the food finishes. Now, it’s a different story. I try one thing at a time to relish the uniqueness of numerous delicacies. The flavors sink in very well and its easy on the stomach as well.

I’m not here to teach you eating habits, what I really want to teach you is to stay dedicated to one task at a time. The mind is capable of handling only one thing at a time. Think of your mind like a plate, just pour on it one task at a time so that it is easy to handle it.

It’s so much better when there is  only one thing on our mind. Multiple tasks drain our energy and decrease our productivity. To complete a task and put in our best, it is required that we be present in the moment. If we are constantly thinking about the next thing to eat, how will we be able to enjoy our present meal?

This idea is worth millions of dollars. Begin right now, organize your tasks and do them one by one. You will start to enjoy your tasks and your productivity will double in no time. It’s a proven method to raise the stakes in your career.