Time to wake up

It’s not your bedside alarm, it’s me speaking on behalf of an alarm which only functions when you face a catastrophe. Yes, there is a huge difference between a normal alarm clock and the other one that I am going to discuss right now. A normal one only wakes you up in the morning but the other sets off an alarm inside you when you least expect it.

So what is this other alarm? To make things simple for you, I would like to tell you that every one of us has it and that includes you as well. Have you ever had a friend or a relative who is suffering from Cancer? Did anyone in your circle ever meet with an accident? Did a close relative of you die in your arms? All these things make us realize that how vain are the things we do to people. Shouting, getting frustrated and getting angry at people for our mistakes, sorry but that’s not a way to live. One day you will only wake up to realize that they will be gone from your life.

Take my word; living with regret is like dying every moment. You constantly live your life backwards and try to undo all your mistakes. But wait there is a thing called opportunity, let’s take our chance and do the best we can for ourselves and everybody around us. The world would be so much better if we moved around like enlightened beings.

I want you to do one thing today, be your best! Improve yourself every day. Follow the formula of “Everyday in every way I am getting better and better”.  That alarm will ring one day but I am sure that if you are prepared for it, it will not affect you.

Time to wake up guys!


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