Remove the lid

Imagine yourself stuck in a jar. All you can do is just glide along the walls and that is it! Now I want to tell you something strange, this is how we live most of the times. Stuck in our old conditioning and rotting patterns, we forget the marvelous capabilities gifted to us by the almighty.

Dragging ourselves every day to work and repeating all the negativity patterns, we ignore our potential. It is of utmost necessity that we recognize our talents and put them to use. Removing the lid from our jar is a very difficult task. Regardless of the height of your lid, you certainly have the jumping power to push your lid and break the bonds.

Tune into a new frequency, connect with your true nature, change everything in your life; if you will change nothing, nothing will change! Apart from health, relationships and money, the most important asset that we possess is time. We can’t afford the luxury of wasting even a single second in life! How can you or how could you? Get this one thing straight to your head; we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen after we die. But before we do, don’t you think we should leave a legacy behind us?

The answer is an absolute yes. Get going now; start taking a massive leap to get ahead of your old personality. Shock people around you with your new attitude and behavior, it would be so nice of you. Inspire them to live a beautiful life…


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