Help me untie

Even if you would want to, you wouldn’t be able to. Yes, that’s correct. Cause I’m not tied in some ropes that you could open. Rather these are the unseen ropes of bondage that limit me from flying sky high. Mind you, I am not seagull trying to fly just a few hundred meters above the sea limit. I want to go higher than that, where no one has ever been.

Feel feelings unlike the earthly feelings, feelings unknown to the physical realm and vibrations higher than those felt by angels. But it isn’t easy to reach that position. There are a few things that are weighing me down, obstructing me from reaching my potential and stopping me from becoming a cloud walker. I want to become the one who touches the sky with thy soul.

If there could be a way; a way by which you could untie me forever and let me rise to the infinite. The only way is eternal love; yes it is the only way. Unconditional love, which will boost my journey and take me to heights of unthinkable success.

I know that you want to help me, pray for me.


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