3 things to do to become a millionaire

Hey there, so this is going to be a quick one. I personally feel that it works cause I am already on the road to riches.

  1. Burning desire for money: Yep, that’s true. You can’t have it till you don’t have a pulsating desire to acquire millions of dollars. Set a definite amount in your mind, put it down on a goal card and read it as many times as you can; especially before sleeping and after waking up. Pssst! Don’t tell this to anyone, this is what Think and Grow Rich was all about.
  2. A well-built riches mindset: Everything begins in the form of an idea. One thing that millionaires do differently is that they think big. Think big and act big! Action is better than inaction. Waiting for a miracle to happen in your life is an excuse for a lazy snob. Instead, make a miracle happen in your life!
  3. Die hard persistence: To put the ball out of the park, you will have to give your best shot; every day! You cannot be discouraged by small failures, it’s all about standing up again and doing it anyway. Great leaders, inventors and sport-persons could have never made it without persistence. Same applies to you, stay determined in your venture to make loads of money. Of course, promise me and yourself that you ain’t gonna do anything wrong.

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