I’ve started packing my bags

Unbelievable is the power of belief. James Allen said it right if a man stays in a state of belief, he is bound to get his desires. The day I got my hunch to make way to Mindvalley, my mind has been since then in a complete  state of faith.

It seems that I’m already working with Mindvalley. My present is getting  out of focus and diminishing. I’ve started to put my time and my efforts on producing a phenomenal video for my selection.

My mind is projecting a wonderful image of me moving through the streets of Kuala Lumpur, buying grocery and even going out with friends. So fascinating is the mechanism of our brain that it is seeking all mediums to convince me in a way that this is it!

Day by day I’m getting efficient in visualizing and it seems that I may leave within a month or two. Like a skilled sculptor, I’m putting together every piece of me. I know that it takes a really awesome person to qualify for Mindvalley which is why I have gone all out in my preparation for it.

I’ve started washing my summer clothes, taking into account the weather of Kuala  Lumpur. There is this sound in my head which cannot be heard by any ear but I know that my soul is adequate to understand the message.By all means, I will certainly make it to KL!

By all means, I will certainly make it to KL!


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