Becoming the next big thing

Engineer sahib (sir), that’s what they called me when I graduated from engineering college. My late maternal grandfather was so proud of me, in fact, everyone had high hopes for me. They considered me to become a cash vending machine as soon as I graduated college.

I could understand, after all, I was the first engineer in my family. Since childhood, all the cards were on me. I would fix everything; things that my dad had goofed up in his good days. I went to college with a burning desire to become a car engineer but something happened; love happened. It was meant to be. I got sidetracked and strayed from my goal.

Girls have their way of messing with the brainwork of men. After a year, she vanished from my life. I searched for her but she was nowhere to be found. Most of my days went by daydreaming. The sad part was that I wasn’t able to share my pain with anyone except myself.

The aspirations of my family members had gone to blazes. I was working in a call center to meet the ends as I hadn’t finished my studies. A major chunk of my class moved to Canada but I was one of the few left here without any hope for a future.

In the midst of all this, I never lost my confidence. I considered myself very valuable and started looking a greater opportunity. I landed in a digital marketing agency which prepared me for the great journey that I had yet to take in my life.

It was strange how every experience of my life summed up so that I could work in Mindvalley, a great personal development company. I know deep in my heart that I am about to become the next big thing.

Hold on everyone, here I come!


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