5 things you shouldn’t be doing in the morning

If you’re a night owl then this isn’t for you or maybe it is? Before getting into the stuff that should be done during the morning, here are some strict no-nos that should be completely avoided.

  1. Never ever scold your mother: Yes, I said it right. Never trouble your mother when she’s busy during morning time. She already took the trouble to raise you and she shouldn’t be the last person you find to scold during morning hours. Playing victim is the worst thing to do which results in a bad start. For years, I was doing this every other day and one day I realized that I am the one who is at fault. My clothes should be ironed at night, shoes should be polished and I should wake up, at least, an hour early to avoid getting late. Pals, whoever is taking care of your house, make sure that you take care of them as well. They owe it!
  2. Skipping breakfast: Allowing your busy schedule to interrupt your diet is a big mistake office going people commit. I have this question for you. Basically, why do you go to work? To earn your bread and butter right? A healthy mind is required to perform well at work and for a healthy mind, you need a healthy body. So what’s your call? I hope you take notice of the advice present here and act upon it.
  3. Behaving like a robot: Man is mind and runs on a programming system. Not a DOS programming! Rather a belief system which includes habits as well. We are prone to become a robot due to the repetition of activities in our lives. Brushing teeth, shower, breakfast, and boom there you go again, a same old day with some ups and down and a boring drive back to your house. Break the pattern and do something exciting once a while. Go for a soccer game or maybe knock some shuttles at the badminton court. Exploring new places with your camera during dawn isn’t a bad idea as well. This is very necessary to add a punch of adrenaline to your monotonous life.
  4. Watching TV: Didn’t you fall asleep watching the same idiot box? You live your life once so don’t waste your precious time! Avoid news full of calamities or people talking about how the world is coming to an end. No doubt it will come to an end one day but talking about it continually will not do any good. Remember, the law of attraction will respond to your vibration and reproduce the results for you. If the stock market crashed, nothing can be done about it. What can be done is you searching for better investment options. People can live on a chicken roll for a while, I hope so can you!
  5. Listening to rock music: Don’t get into Metallica mood right after you wake up! Put a nice soothing track as you take your shower and get ready for the day. I recommend some you to subscribe to Yellow Brick Cinema on Youtube for high-quality meditation tracks. Nothing can beat a customized affirmation session but if you don’t want to get into technical stuff, you can play for your favorite music.

So there you go. This is my personal list and I urge you to follow them religiously so that you’re day is effortlessly smooth.


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