Ready, get set and….aaaa,maybe later

“Excuse me, sir,” asked a humble student in the middle of the skating rink, “What do you want? Can’t you see the race is about to start?” replied the race organizer as he was lining up all the participants and was eagerly waiting to blow the whistle. “I’ve got to visit the loo,” said the boy shaking in fear, “the race is about to begin and you want to go the loo!” replied the furious instructor. He shouted, “Go if you want to but the race will start without you”.

Out of fear, the boy got a chance to escape from the race and visit the loo where he felt more safe. He was better off there than facing the hundreds of eyes who would make fun of him if he slipped or lost the race. Why was this boy so scared to death? Where did this fear come from? Did his parents teach him to loose or was it the bullying friends, no one knows this but one thing was certain, he was fated to lose in life.

 Much relief came as the race got over. What better could it be than losing but what if he had won, what if he become a champion? If’s and but’s are always there in a story but if the story is your’s, take charge and do something.

Go straight ahead and attack your fears. Hit your fears so hard that they completely disappear from the scenario. Feel them and still take the needed action. Slowly, they will dissolve in your positive attitude and be history.

That boy fought very hard in life, got want he want and turned the tables. That boy is writing this current post. Do me a favour, do what you want in spite of feeling the fear, your actions could inspire a boy who might feel scared to race.


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