I can smell success around me

Yes and good food too! Food elevates my senses, switches my mood from worse to best and it definitely satiates my undiminishable appetite! I’m sure most of my readers are like me and can’t live without spiced delicacies all along the year.

Getting on to the topic, I would like to disclose that success is wrapped in every inch of the environment that you live in. Strange are the ways of nature but if we look closely, we will find every atom of nature busy in the pursuit of success.

Flowers blooming and showcasing their vibrant colors, trees giving deliciously fresh fruits and rivers overflowing with crystal white water. One gaze of a sunset is enough to keep you mesmerized, one glance is sufficient to tell you that eagles soaring in the infinite are all successful every moment they breath.

There is no parallel to the theory of success in nature. Likewise, we shouldn’t dare to fluctuate from our mission. The part which troubles me is the fact that our environment which includes schools, homes and workplaces don’t work on the idea similar to nature.

If you’re mind is constantly dipped in uninspiring thoughts which are actually the result of your environment, it would prove to be very tough to tackle the obstacles and move ahead in life.

Make your workplace more organized, put some fresh flowers on your desk or if you have the space, place a foosball table. Paste your accomplishments on a chart and stick it near your desk. Maintain a log and write daily to track the quality of your thoughts. These habits could be worth millions if deliberately inculcated in your routine.

Maybe then, after you’ve done all this, would you be able to smell success like me. Till then keep trying no matter how rough the terrain may be, give it your best shot!


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