Living in the oblivion

I consider myself to be blessed to have come out of the rut I was living in for a long time. I’m sure that you can relate to living a worthless life cause at some point in time of we all do. During my college days, I was engrossed in becoming a shadow, mimicking people around me. If you’re doing the same, then let me pop the bubble for you, it won’t do you any good.

If a person would’ve asked me this simple question, “Who are you ?” during those wretched years,  I wouldn’t have been able to answer. Seriously, the person who cannot answer this simple question doesn’t have the right to live! I was in strict need of guidance but there was no one except the almighty.

Living in the oblivion; not knowing yourself hampers growth. Completely disregarding your creative faculties and forgetting your mission makes you no less than an animal, just eating and sleeping.

This state can be compared to an inactive machine which is rendered useless. Snap out of whatever you’re into and come out strong. You’ve gotta do this, you’ve gotta come out of all your stupid excuses. Whatever is holding you back, just let it go.

When you will come out of your rut, you will see the bright light. Cultivate your mind with better habits and do what is vital for your growth. Connect, socialize and pal around with meaningful people. Don’t let anyone get the better of you, it’s your life. You are the sculptor as well as the marble. It may get hurt a bit to re-build yourself but the results will be overwhelming!


3 things to do to become a millionaire

Hey there, so this is going to be a quick one. I personally feel that it works cause I am already on the road to riches.

  1. Burning desire for money: Yep, that’s true. You can’t have it till you don’t have a pulsating desire to acquire millions of dollars. Set a definite amount in your mind, put it down on a goal card and read it as many times as you can; especially before sleeping and after waking up. Pssst! Don’t tell this to anyone, this is what Think and Grow Rich was all about.
  2. A well-built riches mindset: Everything begins in the form of an idea. One thing that millionaires do differently is that they think big. Think big and act big! Action is better than inaction. Waiting for a miracle to happen in your life is an excuse for a lazy snob. Instead, make a miracle happen in your life!
  3. Die hard persistence: To put the ball out of the park, you will have to give your best shot; every day! You cannot be discouraged by small failures, it’s all about standing up again and doing it anyway. Great leaders, inventors and sport-persons could have never made it without persistence. Same applies to you, stay determined in your venture to make loads of money. Of course, promise me and yourself that you ain’t gonna do anything wrong.

Time to wake up

It’s not your bedside alarm, it’s me speaking on behalf of an alarm which only functions when you face a catastrophe. Yes, there is a huge difference between a normal alarm clock and the other one that I am going to discuss right now. A normal one only wakes you up in the morning but the other sets off an alarm inside you when you least expect it.

So what is this other alarm? To make things simple for you, I would like to tell you that every one of us has it and that includes you as well. Have you ever had a friend or a relative who is suffering from Cancer? Did anyone in your circle ever meet with an accident? Did a close relative of you die in your arms? All these things make us realize that how vain are the things we do to people. Shouting, getting frustrated and getting angry at people for our mistakes, sorry but that’s not a way to live. One day you will only wake up to realize that they will be gone from your life.

Take my word; living with regret is like dying every moment. You constantly live your life backwards and try to undo all your mistakes. But wait there is a thing called opportunity, let’s take our chance and do the best we can for ourselves and everybody around us. The world would be so much better if we moved around like enlightened beings.

I want you to do one thing today, be your best! Improve yourself every day. Follow the formula of “Everyday in every way I am getting better and better”.  That alarm will ring one day but I am sure that if you are prepared for it, it will not affect you.

Time to wake up guys!

Remove the lid

Imagine yourself stuck in a jar. All you can do is just glide along the walls and that is it! Now I want to tell you something strange, this is how we live most of the times. Stuck in our old conditioning and rotting patterns, we forget the marvelous capabilities gifted to us by the almighty.

Dragging ourselves every day to work and repeating all the negativity patterns, we ignore our potential. It is of utmost necessity that we recognize our talents and put them to use. Removing the lid from our jar is a very difficult task. Regardless of the height of your lid, you certainly have the jumping power to push your lid and break the bonds.

Tune into a new frequency, connect with your true nature, change everything in your life; if you will change nothing, nothing will change! Apart from health, relationships and money, the most important asset that we possess is time. We can’t afford the luxury of wasting even a single second in life! How can you or how could you? Get this one thing straight to your head; we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen after we die. But before we do, don’t you think we should leave a legacy behind us?

The answer is an absolute yes. Get going now; start taking a massive leap to get ahead of your old personality. Shock people around you with your new attitude and behavior, it would be so nice of you. Inspire them to live a beautiful life…

Help me untie

Even if you would want to, you wouldn’t be able to. Yes, that’s correct. Cause I’m not tied in some ropes that you could open. Rather these are the unseen ropes of bondage that limit me from flying sky high. Mind you, I am not seagull trying to fly just a few hundred meters above the sea limit. I want to go higher than that, where no one has ever been.

Feel feelings unlike the earthly feelings, feelings unknown to the physical realm and vibrations higher than those felt by angels. But it isn’t easy to reach that position. There are a few things that are weighing me down, obstructing me from reaching my potential and stopping me from becoming a cloud walker. I want to become the one who touches the sky with thy soul.

If there could be a way; a way by which you could untie me forever and let me rise to the infinite. The only way is eternal love; yes it is the only way. Unconditional love, which will boost my journey and take me to heights of unthinkable success.

I know that you want to help me, pray for me.

I’ve started packing my bags

Unbelievable is the power of belief. James Allen said it right if a man stays in a state of belief, he is bound to get his desires. The day I got my hunch to make way to Mindvalley, my mind has been since then in a complete  state of faith.

It seems that I’m already working with Mindvalley. My present is getting  out of focus and diminishing. I’ve started to put my time and my efforts on producing a phenomenal video for my selection.

My mind is projecting a wonderful image of me moving through the streets of Kuala Lumpur, buying grocery and even going out with friends. So fascinating is the mechanism of our brain that it is seeking all mediums to convince me in a way that this is it!

Day by day I’m getting efficient in visualizing and it seems that I may leave within a month or two. Like a skilled sculptor, I’m putting together every piece of me. I know that it takes a really awesome person to qualify for Mindvalley which is why I have gone all out in my preparation for it.

I’ve started washing my summer clothes, taking into account the weather of Kuala  Lumpur. There is this sound in my head which cannot be heard by any ear but I know that my soul is adequate to understand the message.By all means, I will certainly make it to KL!

By all means, I will certainly make it to KL!

Becoming the next big thing

Engineer sahib (sir), that’s what they called me when I graduated from engineering college. My late maternal grandfather was so proud of me, in fact, everyone had high hopes for me. They considered me to become a cash vending machine as soon as I graduated college.

I could understand, after all, I was the first engineer in my family. Since childhood, all the cards were on me. I would fix everything; things that my dad had goofed up in his good days. I went to college with a burning desire to become a car engineer but something happened; love happened. It was meant to be. I got sidetracked and strayed from my goal.

Girls have their way of messing with the brainwork of men. After a year, she vanished from my life. I searched for her but she was nowhere to be found. Most of my days went by daydreaming. The sad part was that I wasn’t able to share my pain with anyone except myself.

The aspirations of my family members had gone to blazes. I was working in a call center to meet the ends as I hadn’t finished my studies. A major chunk of my class moved to Canada but I was one of the few left here without any hope for a future.

In the midst of all this, I never lost my confidence. I considered myself very valuable and started looking a greater opportunity. I landed in a digital marketing agency which prepared me for the great journey that I had yet to take in my life.

It was strange how every experience of my life summed up so that I could work in Mindvalley, a great personal development company. I know deep in my heart that I am about to become the next big thing.

Hold on everyone, here I come!