Winning forever

We were born to win or were you born to loose? Read the previous line again and ponder over it. Alright! We were exactly born to win so don’t even settle for anything other that! If you’ve read the read ‘The Secret’ you would have come to know the truth that everything in our Universe begins in the form of an idea.

Anything that is created is first conceived in the mind of the individual and then put together into the physical form. Now to create us, god must have first conceived us in his supreme and infinitely powerful mind. What a great concept! We were once in the mind of our great creator and then he sent our soul on this physical plane.

The great creator would never have created anyone with the purpose of losing. So if you haven’t succeeded till yet, don’t consider self yourself as a loser cause there definitely is something special you’ve come here to do. Go on, find it; the answer won’t come so easy. The universe never takes a time to respond. Rather it is our own thoughts and feelings that cloud the answers.

Once you perceive your life’s mission, you are set for winning forever!


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