Pile up layers of fat for success

Yesterday while I was playing my darbuka, my brother came up to me and started telling me how polar bears accumulate fat for their survival in summers. In doing so, these unique marvels of nature prepare themselves  for a harsh season which consumes tons of their hard earned calories.

In succession, they have to accumulate six thick layers of fat. To a couch potato, it may sound very easy to pile up layers of fat through reckless eating but it isn’t so. Polar bears hunt seals to meet their ends. But grabbing a yummy bite at seals is not very easy. Every polar bear waits for the seals to pop up from the water and they have less than a second to catch their prey.

Like these polar bears, we come across very few opportunities in life which can skyrocket us to success. The only thing required for us is to practice patience. Wait for the right moment and strike with one mighty move. While we grab these rare opportunities, we are turning the wheel of success for us. Making our life bigger and better and utilizing the powers which lay untouched in us.

Whether you gather six opportunities or thousands, it is up to you. The larger your list, the more life you can squeeze out from whatever time you have on earth.

Poverty and ill health are the major obstacles which we face in our lives. Just like polar bears we have our bad times but if we accumulate enough good qualities and practice the principle of persistence, we are bound to achieve success.


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