I’m sexy and a genius

I don’t say this, Napolean Hills does! He may have died a long time back but his chapter covering sex transmutation explains in detail how a highly sexual person can become a genius!

It’s all about conversion. What happens when you boil water? It changes to steam right? Now don’t ask me sixth standard science questions about how it happens. The key point to catch here is that energy is always moving and seeking a new form.

The emotion of sex heads the list of the most powerful emotions. If let loose can cause havoc to your character and reputation. So dominant is the urge to release sexual energy that one forgets everything and tries to indulge in it freely.

A genius, however, knows how to transmute it. It would require focus and willpower to convert it to your creative energy. There are several undiscovered ways to do it. The one that is used is quite simple but requires patience and understanding of the energy flow in your body. Whenever there comes to you this irresistible urge to let loose your sexual energies, imagine a dot at the center of your forehead and slowly establish a channel from your 7th chakra to the 2nd chakra.

The flow results in your mind vibrating at a very high rate. As soon as this starts happening, you will attain the status of a genius. Whenever I encounter any problems, doesn’t matter big or small, I draw upon the creative forces by this method. It reveals to me such crazy ideas and solutions that I’m left flabbergasted.

Psssst! If you’re a pervert and haven’t done anything phenomenal in life then this might be the golden opportunity to become rich!



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