Stay on the edge

Ohh how I love people who stay on the edge. Yes, I do and I have a special corner in my heart for them. The reason being, I am one of them and yes I say that with a smile on my face.

Long before participating in the game called “life”, I was alien to the word “entrepreneur”. I was getting by in almost every aspect of life. Instead of blood, fear ran in my reins. Damn! It haunted me all the time.

Confusion, confusion! It took my life like a storm. I was unaware of man’s most powerful characteristic, decision. Enough was enough came to me in bits and change was excruciatingly slow. Whosoever says that a single event shifted their conciousness is ‘bullpoo’. It was slower than tortoise but I clung on and didn’t let it go.

Affirmations, goals and powerful sessions of creative visualization reshaped my beliefs systems. A useless paradigm was replaced by an effective set of reactions and thought patterns. Even though I am on the right path, frustrations take me over like a storm. Results my friend results, what else does matter in life! To change the result, I had to change the seed but I was sick and tired by the rebuttals of my belief systems.

The garden of my mind had been devastated by the past paradigms I had unknowingly adopted. Patience and persistence, this is what was left. But I am still happy that I am playing it big; taking the big risks and becoming stronger each day.

Whatever the case may be, I was taking decisions which people of my age didn’t have the balls to take. Don’t get offended, its really easy to live on a steady paycheck and have everything smooth and silky. But once you step into the creative battlefield only then you will you know your true strength.

Take my word for it, the ride will be absolutely exhilarating.


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