5 things to consider when buying a laptop


Portability, sleek design and high performance would lure anyone to go for a laptop instead of a computer. But the dilemma arises when the buyer faces the decision of actually buying one. With a wide range of laptops available in the electronics section of major stores, it would certainly get very hard to pick a laptop. Marketing campaigns of companies declaring their products as #1 can easily confuse you. That is why we have zeroed in on some significant aspects to keep in mind while buying a new laptop.

  1. Specifications:

A high specification laptop is every man’s dream. High-end gamers and data analysts should opt for at least 4 GB Ram, 320 GB Hard disk and a Dual core i5 processor, including a graphic card. Anything below that would only go into the hands of Internet surfers and movie enthusiasts. This is certainly the most important aspect on the laptop so choose wisely the amount of Ram and Hard disk space you would require.


  1. Structure & Durability:

The size, durability and weight are the next factors to be pondered upon. Will you be taking it to work or would it be lying comfortably on your bed? If you will be hanging around with your laptop a lot, there is no point investing in a heavy laptop. However, if you want to determine the reliability and portability, aim to buy a laptop within the range of 2 kilograms. If you are a harsh user, look for laptops built with extra tough metals.


  1. Battery life:

Battery life is the lifeline of your laptop. Without a good power backup, you will be constantly engaged in finding plugs for your charger. The standard need is 10 hours or as per usage. The more, the better, so choose accordingly.


  1. Price:

Keep your budget in mind at all times. No matter how gleaming the specifications may be, if it’s not in your budget, leave it and go for the next one. One thing is for sure, latest technology won’t be available in low prices so ensure that you’ve accumulated a good fortune for a nice laptop.


  1. Other specifications:

Display resolution, USB ports, Wi-Fi and operating system on the laptop are some key features which shouldn’t be left out. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons before reaching the point of no return.






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