Winning forever

We were born to win or were you born to loose? Read the previous line again and ponder over it. Alright! We were exactly born to win so don’t even settle for anything other that! If you’ve read the read ‘The Secret’ you would have come to know the truth that everything in our Universe begins in the form of an idea.

Anything that is created is first conceived in the mind of the individual and then put together into the physical form. Now to create us, god must have first conceived us in his supreme and infinitely powerful mind. What a great concept! We were once in the mind of our great creator and then he sent our soul on this physical plane.

The great creator would never have created anyone with the purpose of losing. So if you haven’t succeeded till yet, don’t consider self yourself as a loser cause there definitely is something special you’ve come here to do. Go on, find it; the answer won’t come so easy. The universe never takes a time to respond. Rather it is our own thoughts and feelings that cloud the answers.

Once you perceive your life’s mission, you are set for winning forever!


I’m sexy and a genius

I don’t say this, Napolean Hills does! He may have died a long time back but his chapter covering sex transmutation explains in detail how a highly sexual person can become a genius!

It’s all about conversion. What happens when you boil water? It changes to steam right? Now don’t ask me sixth standard science questions about how it happens. The key point to catch here is that energy is always moving and seeking a new form.

The emotion of sex heads the list of the most powerful emotions. If let loose can cause havoc to your character and reputation. So dominant is the urge to release sexual energy that one forgets everything and tries to indulge in it freely.

A genius, however, knows how to transmute it. It would require focus and willpower to convert it to your creative energy. There are several undiscovered ways to do it. The one that is used is quite simple but requires patience and understanding of the energy flow in your body. Whenever there comes to you this irresistible urge to let loose your sexual energies, imagine a dot at the center of your forehead and slowly establish a channel from your 7th chakra to the 2nd chakra.

The flow results in your mind vibrating at a very high rate. As soon as this starts happening, you will attain the status of a genius. Whenever I encounter any problems, doesn’t matter big or small, I draw upon the creative forces by this method. It reveals to me such crazy ideas and solutions that I’m left flabbergasted.

Psssst! If you’re a pervert and haven’t done anything phenomenal in life then this might be the golden opportunity to become rich!


Pile up layers of fat for success

Yesterday while I was playing my darbuka, my brother came up to me and started telling me how polar bears accumulate fat for their survival in summers. In doing so, these unique marvels of nature prepare themselves  for a harsh season which consumes tons of their hard earned calories.

In succession, they have to accumulate six thick layers of fat. To a couch potato, it may sound very easy to pile up layers of fat through reckless eating but it isn’t so. Polar bears hunt seals to meet their ends. But grabbing a yummy bite at seals is not very easy. Every polar bear waits for the seals to pop up from the water and they have less than a second to catch their prey.

Like these polar bears, we come across very few opportunities in life which can skyrocket us to success. The only thing required for us is to practice patience. Wait for the right moment and strike with one mighty move. While we grab these rare opportunities, we are turning the wheel of success for us. Making our life bigger and better and utilizing the powers which lay untouched in us.

Whether you gather six opportunities or thousands, it is up to you. The larger your list, the more life you can squeeze out from whatever time you have on earth.

Poverty and ill health are the major obstacles which we face in our lives. Just like polar bears we have our bad times but if we accumulate enough good qualities and practice the principle of persistence, we are bound to achieve success.

Unleash your potential

“I’ll do it tomorrow”, didn’t you say this yesterday and the day before it? This tomorrow cycle is vicious! If you’re trapped in it and aren’t taking any action then I can say only one thing, you don’t give horse’s ass about your life.

If you still want to live your life like a loser, go ahead, all the best! But those who are seriously interested in doing something with their life can go ahead with this post.

I will not give you any magic pill to unleash your potential. Instead, I will tell you three little secrets that will awaken your superpowers. You don’t need to trek the Himalayas to lead a life of mastery. Rather kill it each moment.

Why are you here? Do you prefer the “brush your teeth and go to bed routine?” Sorry folks, pack your bags and go home! Now listen closely; following are the 3 steps you need to take your game to the next level.

1. Piss off your useless friends: I won’t give you any birds of a feather flock together sh**. There is a thing in this Universe called the “Brain”. It is very much like the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+v function so all it likes to do is mimic your stupid friends. Their fruitless habits, their slang vocabulary and their loser behavior when it comes to decisions. Until the time you are with them, be assured, you are bound to a place called failure. Loose them one by one or lose them at once, the choice is yours. The sooner the better, you would be so thankful for taking this decision.

2. Plant some trees in your garden: By the time the small saplings grow to big trees, you may have children by then. Now, what do those trees have to do with your potential? I’ll explain: The day you plant your sapling, take an oath that whenever you come to water it, you will thank it for making your garden more beautiful. Every day thank one more thing and keep doing it until it becomes ingrained into your personality. Be thankful for the things that you don’t even have. It may sound ‘baloney’ but the universe will check your willpower and your faith in the unseen. Soon with this practice, you will burst the bubble. Till then, don’t forget to say ‘Thank you’ every day.

3. Work your butt off: Instead of making a big cushion out of your butt and letting it rest on the warm couch for endless hours, stop complaining and write down a plan. After that; move! Walk the talk buddy. It ain’t going to happen till you decide to make it happen. Don’t try to overwork yourself but at least, get out of your comfort zone. This is your life and you’ve got to be in charge.

It’s not another ‘lose your fat’ post which you can read and skip. Take these points seriously if you have some faith left in yourself!


Stay on the edge

Ohh how I love people who stay on the edge. Yes, I do and I have a special corner in my heart for them. The reason being, I am one of them and yes I say that with a smile on my face.

Long before participating in the game called “life”, I was alien to the word “entrepreneur”. I was getting by in almost every aspect of life. Instead of blood, fear ran in my reins. Damn! It haunted me all the time.

Confusion, confusion! It took my life like a storm. I was unaware of man’s most powerful characteristic, decision. Enough was enough came to me in bits and change was excruciatingly slow. Whosoever says that a single event shifted their conciousness is ‘bullpoo’. It was slower than tortoise but I clung on and didn’t let it go.

Affirmations, goals and powerful sessions of creative visualization reshaped my beliefs systems. A useless paradigm was replaced by an effective set of reactions and thought patterns. Even though I am on the right path, frustrations take me over like a storm. Results my friend results, what else does matter in life! To change the result, I had to change the seed but I was sick and tired by the rebuttals of my belief systems.

The garden of my mind had been devastated by the past paradigms I had unknowingly adopted. Patience and persistence, this is what was left. But I am still happy that I am playing it big; taking the big risks and becoming stronger each day.

Whatever the case may be, I was taking decisions which people of my age didn’t have the balls to take. Don’t get offended, its really easy to live on a steady paycheck and have everything smooth and silky. But once you step into the creative battlefield only then you will you know your true strength.

Take my word for it, the ride will be absolutely exhilarating.

Top 4 literary haunts in Paris

Fan de la littérature, so you finally decided to visit Paris after all, eh…Well as you know, Paris has been the core of Literature scene for centuries and still inspires literature aficionados across the globe. Even the likes of Fitzgerald, Miller and other prominent literary figures could not resist the awe-inspiring aura of the city; so go ahead and relive their moments or maybe create some of your own, who knows you may the next Oscar Wilde. But for that, you ought to visit the top four literary haunts on our list.


Café de Flore:

172, boulevard Saint-Germain, in the 6th Arrondissement.

Step into Café de Flore and you will feel the presence of Flora, Goddess of flowers. Belonging to a magnificent era, this coffee house has had an enchanting history and boasts of being the oldest coffeehouse in Paris. Pablo Picasso, Sarte and Camus took great pleasure in paying regular visits and we’re sure enveloping the classy art décor won’t be a much of a problem.


Shakespeare and Company Bookshop:

37, rue de la Bûcherie, in the 5th Arrondissement.

Beyond the shadow of a single doubt, Shakespeare and company bookshop could be the best place to nurture your ambitions of writing. A mecca for literature fans, it is a treasure chest of memories for Anglo-American writers such as Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound. The energy and the commotion leave tourists flabbergasted.


Les Deux Magots:

6, Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the 6th Arrondissement.

Like their website says, have unforgettable carefree moments at Les Deux Magots. Take this quite literally as stopping here for coffee is a must. Soak up the Paris’s literary history and capture the magic of significant writers by gazing through the window. The charming atmosphere and the spirit of freedom will aid you to find your muse.


Cafe Procope:

A major literary and philosophical hotspot, Café Procope could easily become your favourite. You are not to blame; fragments of 1830 wallpapers and extract letters by famous writers can impress anyone. If you ask someone about its importance, they would certainly narrate you the heated debate and conversation of Jacques Rousseau and American revolutionaries Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.






5 things to consider when buying a laptop


Portability, sleek design and high performance would lure anyone to go for a laptop instead of a computer. But the dilemma arises when the buyer faces the decision of actually buying one. With a wide range of laptops available in the electronics section of major stores, it would certainly get very hard to pick a laptop. Marketing campaigns of companies declaring their products as #1 can easily confuse you. That is why we have zeroed in on some significant aspects to keep in mind while buying a new laptop.

  1. Specifications:

A high specification laptop is every man’s dream. High-end gamers and data analysts should opt for at least 4 GB Ram, 320 GB Hard disk and a Dual core i5 processor, including a graphic card. Anything below that would only go into the hands of Internet surfers and movie enthusiasts. This is certainly the most important aspect on the laptop so choose wisely the amount of Ram and Hard disk space you would require.


  1. Structure & Durability:

The size, durability and weight are the next factors to be pondered upon. Will you be taking it to work or would it be lying comfortably on your bed? If you will be hanging around with your laptop a lot, there is no point investing in a heavy laptop. However, if you want to determine the reliability and portability, aim to buy a laptop within the range of 2 kilograms. If you are a harsh user, look for laptops built with extra tough metals.


  1. Battery life:

Battery life is the lifeline of your laptop. Without a good power backup, you will be constantly engaged in finding plugs for your charger. The standard need is 10 hours or as per usage. The more, the better, so choose accordingly.


  1. Price:

Keep your budget in mind at all times. No matter how gleaming the specifications may be, if it’s not in your budget, leave it and go for the next one. One thing is for sure, latest technology won’t be available in low prices so ensure that you’ve accumulated a good fortune for a nice laptop.


  1. Other specifications:

Display resolution, USB ports, Wi-Fi and operating system on the laptop are some key features which shouldn’t be left out. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons before reaching the point of no return.